Absolutely incredible!

I just looked at the guide for donors for the Giving Spree and cried because it is so beautiful and so connected to everything else you’ve designed for us.

What you have done for us is absolutely incredible!

Ralph Serpe
President & CEO
Adams County Community Foundation

This report is an active asset in our philanthropy work, and that is a gift that keeps on giving

When we started down the path of producing a 25th Anniversary Report on the Foundation’s Place-Based Philanthropy two years ago, we had high hopes that a beautiful and informative report would be the by-product, and the “Place-Based Philanthropy in Atlanta” final report exceeded my expectations.

Although it was completed and released during a pandemic this summer, the report has been an amazing asset for us in telling the story of place-based philanthropy in Atlanta during a time when health, housing, and education are on everyone’s mind.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with y’all on this project, and I know that sharing the report with our colleagues, nonprofits, and other interested folks in the coming months and years will bring more joy to me and our entire Zeist Foundation team!

More often than not, extensive retrospective reports tend to sit on shelves after they are published, but this one is an active asset in our philanthropy work, and that is a gift that keeps on giving …

Atiba Mbiwan
Executive Director
The Zeist Foundation

I would say nothing but positive things about Jennifer and her work!! She is seriously the best!

Jennifer is the graphic designer/web designer for St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center. Because of her attention to detail and patience with understanding client needs, I used her for my personal nutrition webpage development, as well.

She takes so much time with clients to understand the project and the needs. She was able to extract my vision from a conversation when I wasn’t even sure of my vision. Jennifer communicates about timing and has great ideas about content and visuals.

The webpage for our housing counseling department needs constant updates, and Jennifer is very responsive to last-minute changes and offers fantastic suggestions.

I would definitely recommend Jennifer Dyer Graphic Design.

Cara Stretch, Director of Housing Counseling, St. Ambrose Housing Aid CenterCara Stretch
Director of Housing Counseling
St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center

Jenny designed two family foundation monographs that continue to receive high praise and positive comments from family members, colleagues, and business leaders.

Not only does she have superior graphic design and technology skills, but her professionalism and consistency in meeting deadlines stand out.

Jenny continues to work on the family foundation’s website and online grant application. She is a constant source of education about design and technology. And she has the patience to impart that information.

I would absolutely and without hesitation recommend Jennifer Dyer Graphic Design.

Robin Platts
Executive Director
The Dresher Foundation, Inc.

Jenny is very easy to work with.

Unlike a lot of graphic designers, she is open to implementing ideas that may differ from her own. It’s a pleasure to work with her.

Linda Richardson
LCR Jazzy Events
Event management for St. Ambrose 50th Anniversary Gala Fundraiser