Hi, I’m Ralph with the Adams County Community Foundation …

And I hope you’ll join me in engaging Jennifer Dyer Graphic Design for all of your nonprofit annual report and graphic design needs. Jenny Dyer came to the Community Foundation in Adams County when we were on a sinking communications and brand identity Titanic. We were scrambling for a lifeboat, and she did more than … Read more

Jenny designed two family foundation monographs that continue to receive high praise and positive comments from family members, colleagues, and business leaders.

Not only does she have superior graphic design and technology skills, but her professionalism and consistency in meeting deadlines stand out. Jenny continues to work on the family foundation’s website and online grant application. She is a constant source of education about design and technology. And she has the patience to impart that information. I … Read more

Jenny is very easy to work with.

Unlike a lot of graphic designers, she is open to implementing ideas that may differ from her own. It’s a pleasure to work with her. Linda Richardson LCR Jazzy Events Event Management for St. Ambrose 50th Anniversary Gala Fundraiser